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Preschool Teachers

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Preschool Teachers
My daughters have 8 teachers between them who help in their classrooms, in the daycare there are 3 teachers and in my oldest daughter's preschool there are 2 head teachers and 3 afternoon helpers when preschool is over. Should I give all 8 teachers the same gift or should the helpers in the afternoon get a little less expensive gift. I wanted to give $25 gift cards to a restaurant or store, but that may be expensive if I give one to each of the 8 teachers. Now if I only give those to the head teachers will the others be offended or hurt? What would be the best option?
I make homemade paper projects and came across this great project I've used for preschool and office "gifts" this year. It's called a diaperfold treat bag (google it for directions and pictures) and you can make them in like 2 minutes and it only take a 6x6 peice of paper so a 12x12 scrapbook page will make 4. They are just big enough to stuff a mini candycane and a couple of hershey's kisses in, but they are handmade with pretty holiday paper and no one complains and everyone feels special. I made 30 of them (preschool, my office, DH's office, neighbors mailboxes) in about 2 hours and total for the paper, supplies, and candy they cost about $25. In the main teacher's one, we stuck in a $25 gift card and a wallet size picture of DD. You can personalized or not as much as you want to. I loved using them and will definately do it again next year.
This AM, I brought them breakfast, which included a fruit tray, Dunkin Donuts coffee, bagels cream cheese, and munchkins. Everyone loved it and there was tons left over so they'll be able to enjoy breakfast tomorrow, too.
It cost me about $100 to do the whole thing, including the paper products and everything. I think it was a pretty good deal and nobody was left out. (I've done $25 gc to teachers in the past.)
My youngest daughter goes to home daycare. I gave her caregiver a $30 gift cert. to the salon where she gets her hair done and a nice card telling her how much we appreciate her, and we do! :) gave my older 2 school age children's teachers each coffee mugs with spices, tea, hot choc, etc. in them. The kids said they really liked them when they gave them to them at school. I think it is the thought and not the gift itself. I know when my older ones went to preschool with a lot of teachers we just did cards they made for all of them and brought goodies that we made at home. DD3
Ok so I stumbled upon this on accident. I'm obviously late on my response but maybe someone will still find this useful :)
As a teacher myself,[url=]michael kors paris[/url], I totally love getting gift cards! Ok so one time I got a Coach purse from a student but gift cards are great too! I have several aids that work in my class. Parents have given them $5 Starbucks cards and I know they always appreciate that!
I totally agree that a food item for the whole group is fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive. Keep in mind that on the last day before any vacation teachers/aids may get a LOT of this. If you're going to give a gift of a snack/meal, try to maybe have it a week before the break or just randomly during the year. We LOVE that!
Thanks for thinking of the teachers!!
family has always tried to be generous at the holidays. Primary teachers always get $2550 in gift cards, helpers and the administrators get around $1520. Not only are we grateful for the care and attention they give our DS but it also doesn't hurt if it makes him a little more favored in the class. Sounds really selfish but I will do whatever it takes to make sure he gets love and attention. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional. Please review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before using this site. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.

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