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Empire starts to get messy The Marquee Blog

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PostWysłany: Czw 9:44, 16 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Empire starts to get messy The Marquee Blog

Empire starts to get messy The Marquee Blog
Empire starts to get messy
We're three episodes in, "Boardwalk Empire" fans, and I banging the gavel. Let make it official: "Boardwalk" is an absolutely fantastic show.
Hasty decision? Nope. Jumping the gun? No way. I been watching TV for quite some time, and when you know,[url=]michael kors paris[/url], you just know. My taste in TV has evolved, but the gravitational pull to certain characters in certain shows has stood the test of time. Over the years, I have intently followed central figures as they navigated their respective storylines, and occasionally tried on their shoes to see how it felt to walk in them. Ewing from I openly rooted for the main guy/gal to wiggle out of the selfinduced jam whether he was hero, villain, or some combination of both.
Fast forward a few years after those others, and in walks Tony Soprano. The guy who is a little bit and a whole lot was always rooted for in any situation like he was the Stallion. Do I dare call Tony a hero? Well, yes because that exactly what he was, and continuing that trend is "Boardwalk Empire Nucky Thompson.
The difference is that I don think I was this attached to Tony three episodes into Nucky may not be likable or the coolest kid in the class like Tony seemed to be, but he is an endearing figure in a peculiar way. More than anything, I think I loan him my last two dollars based on his entire approach to the goings on in Atlantic City world. I have to keep an eye on this notion, because Nucky hovering in the realm of favorite uncle status pretty early on.
Speaking of Atlantic City world, many readers have commented on "Boardwalk Empire masterful depiction of the time period. The visuals run the gamut from striking to subdued, but every detail in the costumes, set design and the art direction of this show is downright impeccable. Last night episode wasn just a sticky note left on the fridge reminding us of the talented cast and crew, it flatout blew the doors off the icebox.
The episode picked up with a critically injured witness brought in to the hospital. By my count, this tonesetting scene was the first of a few that had me doubled over in disbelief.
Things took off from there at a great pace with the introduction of Chalky White, Nucky for Mickey Doyle operation. That story was pretty warm, but the temperature shot up to sweltering after one of Chalky men was lynched with the words kills sprawled on the car beneath his cold, dead feet. I think we all have an idea of who was responsible, and Nucky knows that situation is a powder keg that could blow everything.
Speaking of being "doubled over in disbelief Can we talk about the view of Lucky (1920 method) treatment for gonorrhea? I chose to delete that scene from my mental hard drive, and doubled over doesn really do it justice. How this guy is known as is beyond me.
Another scene that left me flabbergasted was when Agent Van Alden reached into Simon infected wound. Actually, scratch over in reality, that was more like being balled up in a fetal position. The cinematography and editing of what we didn see made as much of an impact as what we saw, and although I suffered watching, I liked each of these wellcrafted moments. I think I overheard myself asking, did he say.? and is that.? a few times.
Meanwhile, Van Alden made a highly entertaining move knowing Simon is one of Rothstein men, and left the mess squarely on Nucky doorstep. As things heat up, I think Rothstein is another likable, meticulous figure. There were so many good scenes, but I give a big nod to Rothstein poker game, and Nucky talk with Jimmy as he sent him on his way with some cash and a simple luck James. Terrific.
The show isn't complicated, but it's by no means simple. The situations (such as the Mickey Doyle conflict) are quickly becoming a layered, complex web of storylines that are all woven into the fabric of Nucky Thompson, and the writing in that regard has been very good so far.
As for other characters, Margaret Schroeder (played by Kelly Macdonald) is becoming a favorite. Her story seems to present some intrigue we promised to see down the road. Lucy Danziger is pretty annoying as Nucky main squeeze, but Paz de la Huerta is delightful, which means she doing a fine job in the role. Last up, the D are poised to bring drama to the boardwalk, and I look forward to seeing what they got up their sleeves also.
As the show ended, there were highfives and fist pumps all around as Nucky brings his muddy feet in from the rain, signifying the true mess beginning to dirty up his pristine world. The significance was a clever stroke in the show storytelling.
I know I said this last Monday, but I stand behind this statement: This was the best episode thus far.
When the show began three weeks ago, the water cooler crowd was merely a chosen few. These days, "Boardwalk Empire" coffee chat has been standing room only, and I can wait for next week.
Loved, kinda liked, or hated the show? Let us know!
Finally, Steven Buscemi has gotten his just due! I been following him for years, love everthing he ever been in. The role of Nucky was made for him. Leave it to Scosese and the guys at HBO to showcase him in this incredible series. Anyone recognize several of the Soprano gang in there? Can wait until Nucky Mrs.

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